A1 MEDIA is an Odense-based company created with the aim of strengthening the artist and media industries in Europe.

Through various workshops and activities, A1 Media gives artists the opportunity to publish songs, music videos, and other creative content.

what is A1?

When we say that we are A1, we mean that we are aiming for the stars.
A1 Media produces avant-garde products of the finest quality.

Definition of A1

1: The highest possible classification 
2: Of the finest quality : FIRST-RATE

After several years of work with web consulting and music production, A1 Media has chosen to take the next step and form a company, allowing newfound, talented artists to further advance in their careers.

Our platform simplifies the creative process for all our artists and clients.

Our goal is to put a profound and cultural imprint on the media scene.
Petit a petit, l’oiseau fait son nid